Pratt’s Tomb

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The Town of Prattsville is currently engaged in the restoration of the Historic Sculptures at Pratt Rock Park, which are seriously threatened by erosion. So, we’ll be posting information about the Rocks that we hope you’ll enjoy. Please share. There may be someone out there who can help us financially in our efforts.

Here’s a fascinating story about Pratt’s Tomb that was written by Dr. Robert Titus, the Catskills Geologist.

“Unlike the pharaohs, Pratt was never buried in the grotto carved out for him. One story is that the chamber was unsuitable for burial as it leaked water when it rained. The chamber is still there, and when we looked it over, we found that there may be some truth to that tale, along with a good geological story about Pratt Rock…”

Carolyn Bennett

Prattsville Town Historian

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