Zadock Pratt Genealogy

Let’s start with the genealogy of Zadock Pratt on the male side:

I. Lieut. William Pratt came from England to America with his brother, John, both eventually settling in Hartford, Connecticut in June 1836.

II. William Pratt, third son of William.

III. Benjamin Pratt, first son of William.

IV. Zephaniah Pratt, third son of Benjamin.

V. Zadock Pratt, Sr., second son of Zephaniah.

VI. Zadock Pratt, Jr. (“our Zadock”), second son of Zadock, Sr.

VII. George Watson Pratt, only son of Zadock Pratt, Jr.

VIII. Julia Harriet Pratt Ingersoll, only daughter of Zadock Pratt, Jr.

I promise to build family profiles in future posts.

Carolyn Bennett

Prattsville Town Historian

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