The artist wishes to express heartfelt appreciation to the Prattsville citizens who so generously shared their time, stories, and histories for this project. It is through their Clews that this project is realized.


Jan Cammer, Jim Cronk, Eva Truesdell Irwin, Laurel Irwin, Barbara Landry, Janelle Conine Maurer, Erin O’Hara Meyer, Gayle Peckham, Calvin Robinson, Edna Robinson, Marion Robinson, Harvey Truesdell


In addition to those who contributed Clews, the artist is grateful to the following individuals for helping to make this project possible: Crina Archer, Nancy Barton, Carolyn Bennett, Michael Cohen, Simona David, Amy Finkbeiner, MC Greenleaf, Lily Lasher, Talia Logan, Ann O’Hara, Homer Snyder, Suzanne Walsh

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