Box 1

Box #1          Zadock Pratt Museum, cataloged by Steve Whitesell, February 25, 2021

Item 1.           Wax seals – Hemlock tree, “Do well and doubt not” by Corse, Pratt and Co., 89 Gold Street, New York.

Item 2.           The Courier, Charleston, SC, June 26, 1857: Pratt sails for home.

                       New York Leader, February 1861: Pratt sails for home.

                       The Union, Coxsackie, June 15, 1861: Pratt’s act of charity.

                       Mechanics Journal, undated: Self-made men.

Item 3.           Two engravings of Pratt by T. Doncy and J. W. Orr

Item 4.           Two letters to Pratt from Treasury Dept., Feb. 19 and 28, 1845.

                       Letter from Post Office Dept., Jan. 26, 1849.

                       Two letters from Franklin Peale, May 25 and 31, 1844.

Item 5.           Letter to Pratt from William Hunt, a fellow Congressman, Feb.  28, 1845.

Item 6.           Lithograph of Z. Pratt.

Item 7.           Plan of the Senate and House Chambers, Second Session, 33rd Congress.

Item 8.           New York Act 160, Feb. 9, 1854 incorporating U.S. Inebriate Asylum.

                       Letter from Edmund Turner informing Pratt he has been appointed a director of the Asylum.

Item 9.           Three letters to Pratt from Edmund Turner, New York, Sept. 8, 1855 re: U.S. Inebriate Asylum.

Item 10.         Two letters to Pratt from Jacob B. Moore, Washington, Feb 12 and 22, 1851.

Item 11.         Two letters to Pratt from A. Parker, Delhi, Sept. 19 and 30, 1826.

Item 12.         NY Herald, March 5, 1854. Meeting in City Hall Park, New York re: cleaning of streets, Board of Health, cholera.

Item 13.         Congressional Globe, Jan. 31, 1845. Asa Whitney memorial for a grant of public lands to build a railroad from Lake Michigan to the Pacific Ocean.

Item 14.         Letter from M. Matson to Pratt, Catskill, Dec. 25, 1852 discussing politics.

Item 15.         The Nebraska Perfidy broadside, March 14, 1854. Z. Pratt was one of several Vice President signatories.

                       The Journal of Commerce, New York, March 18, 1854. Pratt declared his name on the broadside was included without his consent; “I am in favor of allowing the people to regulate local matters for themselves”.

                       Albany Argus, March 17, 1854. Letter by Pratt disassociating himself from the broadside.

Item 16.         Photograph of Pratt with medals as an old man, undated.

Item 17.         Two engravings of Pratt by T. Doncy “engraved for the Democratic Review from a Daguerrotype by Plumbe”.

Item 18.         Inventory from 1837, 1838 of the amounts of iron used in the new Treasury Bldg., Washington “built of sound stone”.

Item 19.         Letter to Pratt, Dec. Dec. 5, 1851 re: iron used in Treasury Bldg., Washington.

Item 20.         The Sentinel, July 30, 1854 re: notice on marble slab at Washington Monument, Washington.

                       Lockport Daily Advertiser, August 2, 1854 re: Mechanics inscription on Washington Monument.

                       Albany Argus, July 23 re: Mechanics inscription on Washington Monument

                       Daily True Delta, July 27, 1854 re: Mechanics inscription.

                       The Rainbow, Middletown, Sept. 2, 1854 re: Mechanics inscription.

                       Washington Sentinel, July 20, 1854 re: Mechanics inscription.

                       Daily Iris of Niagara, July 31, 1854 re: Mechanics inscription.

Item 21.         Three copies of clipping, Daily National Democrat, New York, April 22 re: bust by T.D. Jones.

Item 22.         Letter to Pratt from Robert W. Weir, Jan. 1844 re: his painting “Embarkation of the Pilgrims” placed in the Rotunda of the Capitol.

Item 23.         Letter from Mr. Nolan to Pratt, Jan. 23, 1844 re: White House furnishings, draperies and upholstery.

Item 24.         Amendment by Pratt to appropriate $80,000. for fireproof buildings for the Army and Navy Depts.

Item 25.         Lockport Daily Advertiser, Aug. 2, 1854 re: a block with an “inscription celebrating the talents and virtues of the Hon. Zadoc Pratt” to be included in the Washington Monument.

Item 26.         Letter from Washington National Monument office, Feb. 13, 1855.

                       Letter to Pratt, Feb. 16. 1855 re: tablet on Washington Monument.

Item 27.         Letterhead of the Officers and Board of Managers of the Washington National Monument Society signed by Franklin Pierce and others.

                       Elevation of the Washington Monument, Baltimore by Robert Mills.

                       Elevation of the Washington Monument, Washington on contribution slip.

Item 28.         Elevation of Washington Monument proposal by William Strickland, 1” = 30’.

Item 29.         Report on Public Buildings and Grounds Committee, May 25, 1844 re: Monument Square proposal with elevations by William Strickland.

Item 30.         Albany Argus, Dec. 1, 1852 re: notes on Electoral College.

                       Prattsville Advocate, Aug. 11, 1851 re: leather specimen from Pratt exhibited at World’s Fair, London.

                       NY State Secretary’s Office, Albany, Nov. 11, 1852 re: Pratt chosen as Elector of President and Vice=President. Signature unclear.

                       New York State Board of State Canvassers document, Nov. 20, 1852.

Item 31.         Letter from U.S. Treasury Dept., May 21, 1844 re: contract for group of Horatio Greenough statues, signed M.C. Young.

Item 32.         Letter to Pratt from H. Sanford, Dec. 10, 1852 re: encouraging Pratt to run for N.Y. Senate.

Item 33.         Newspaper clipping, unidentified source, March 13, 1848 re: Mr. Polk’s ambition for a second term signed “Felix”.

Item 34.         Letter to Pratt from William Darby, July 13, 1850.

Item 35.         Two copies, The Republican, Aug. 2, 1854 re: address by Wm. W. Fosdick, Esq. of New York in Prattsville complimenting Pratt at Fourth of July celebration.

                       Recorder and Democrat, Catskill, Aug. 3, 1854 re: address by Fosdick.

                       The Cincinnati Commercial, undated re: Pratt summoned to Cooperstown, N.Y. District Court, December 1852.

                       The Windham Journal, Dec. 10, 1857 re: Pratt belatedly awarded 160 acres of land for service in War of 1812.

                       Hunt’s Merchant Magazine, undated “Business Endurance”.

                       The Evening Mirror, Aug. 1857. “A Man of Business”.

                       Undated and unidentified clipping, 1854-5? Pratt and Prattsville.

Item 36.         Photo of Pratt House print, 1844.

Item 37.         Letter to Pratt from R. H. Peckham, Feb. 14, 1845. Introduction to William F. Aldrich, Esq., lawyer from Wayne County, New York.

No Item 38.

Item 39.         The Charleston Daily Courier, Oct. 11,1858. re: reporter’s description of a conversation with Pratt, who defended “Southern Rights”.

                       Prattsville News, Oct. 1, 1861 re: Pratt’s stolen grapes.

                       Prattsville News, March 19, 1862 re: Pratt declines nomination for Supervisor.

                       The Windham Journal, May 15, 1860 re: restoration of daily mail.

                       Two clippings, unidentified, undated re: Pratt and Mr. Rarey in New York, discussed fondness for horses.

Item 40.         Letter to Pratt from S.W. McMahon, Metropolitan Hotel, New York, Spt. 9, 1857 concerning politics, “van Burenism”.

Item 41.         The Central New Yorker, undated re: Pratt made President of the Greene County Agricultural Society

Item 42.         The Atlas and Argus, June 12. 1857 re: Carriage accident involving Pratt, C.M. Ingersoll, Major Hackstaff and Hezekiah Smith.

                       Two copies, The Windham Journal, June 18, 1857 re: carriage accident.

Item 43.         Letter to Pratt from Levi R. Reefer, House of Representatives chaplain, Washington, Nov. 28, 1838.

Item 44.         Letter from Secretary of the Treasury Woodbury to Pratt, Feb. 7, 1839.

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