Box 2

Box #2            Zadock Pratt Museum, cataloged by Steve Whitesell, March 5, 2021

Item 1.            Saratoga Republican, July 15, 1853: Pratt declined to donate for a grave monument  for James Fenimore Cooper

Item 2.            The Telegraph, Poughkeepsie, Jan. 9, 1869: Col. Pratt’s Rule – the value of cleanliness

Item 3.            American Phrenological Journal, July 1868: Abbott Lawrence and Zadok (sic) Pratt profiles.

Item 4.            Various receipts, 1830s-1850s.

Item 5.            Bill of Fare, The Donegan Hotel, August 3, 1852.

Item 6.            Zadock Pratt – A Personality, Nov. 13, 1963 by Stuart Close, M.D.

Item 7.            Poem – The Business man, dedicated to Hon. Zadok (sic) Pratt.

                        Tri-States Union, Port Jervis, NJ, Feb. 20, 1851: A Business Man by John J. Mumford re: Pratt.

                        Merchants’ Ledger, New York, March 6, 1851: A Thought for Business Man.

Item 8.            The Atlas & Argus, Dec. 5, 185: Bounty land warrant to Pratt.

                        The Catskill Examiner, Dec. 5, 1857: Bounty land warrant to Pratt – 160 acres.

Item 9.            Broadside on President Fillmore.

Item 10.          Life in New York, Sept. 14, 1850: Portraits of the People –  Hon. Zadock Pratt.

Item 11.          The Sun, Dec. 27, 1869.

                        Daily Register, Nov. 13, 1868.

                        The Florida Union, Jacksonville, Jan. 18, 1870.

                        The Prattsville News, July 10, 1869: Lightning struck Pratt house porch column.

                        The Journal, Sept. 7, 1864: Pratt elected chairman of Greene Cty. Board.

                        The Turf, Field and farm, New York, Dec. 18, 1868: Address to the Ulster Cty. Agricultural fair.

                        Shoe and Leather Reporter, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Feb. 21, 1861 – Pratt’s European tour.

Item 12.          1850 broadside, Col. Pratt of Prattsville for Governor.

Item 13.          Poem to Pratt.

Item 14.          Engraving of Pratt for the Mechanics Institute, New York.

Item 15.          The Church Journal, May 7, 1853: Bought shoes for an urchin.

                        The Prattsville News, June 18, 1861: Another of his acts.

Item 16.          Obit for Abigail Peckham, 1846: Died at Col. Pratt’s house at 67.

                        Shoe and Leather Reporter, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Oct. 13, 1859: obit of C.M. Leupp, Esq.

                        Obit of Charles M. Leupp with eulogy by William Cullen Bryant.

                        Notice of Charles Leupp’s death, describing it as suicide.

                        The Journal of Commerce, Oct. 7, 1859: The death of Charles Leupp, leather merchant.

                        Mr. Leupp’s will.

                        Obit of George Peabody in London, undated.

                        George Peabody’s benefactions.

                        Wheeler Watson, Esq. died Aug. 17, 1845 at Prattsville – two handwritten notices.

                        Obit of Julius T. Alden, Dec. 27, 1868. He and his brother formed a partnership with Pratt in 1849, sold his interest after ten years.

Item 17.          New-York Daily Times, Dec. 21, 1854: Reward for eight month old pointer belonging to Pratt.

                        The Prattsville News, Dec. 21, 1924: poem by Stuart Close, M.D., “Col. Pratt’s animal friends”.

Item 18.          Letter from Abigail Pratt to Z. Pratt, June 26, 1830.

Item 19.          Mrs. Okill’s Boarding and Day School, No. 6 and 8 Clinton Place, New York: Board and tuition schedule, two copies.

Item 20.          Cairo, Sept. 8, 1857: Notice of appointment as horse judge at Greene County Agricultural Fair on Oct. 1 and 2.

                        Providence, RI, Aug. 28, 1855. Complimentary ticket to C.M. Ingersoll of New Haven to RI Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Industry Horse and Cattle Exhibition, Sept. 11.

                        Bill to Pratt for “barque Zadoc Pratt” from Wm. Peck, Sept. 14, 1826, sailing from Oswego to Chicago.

                        Second bill from Wm Peck of Buffalo, Oct. 24, 1826 for $50.

                        Invitation to Rutgers College commencement, July 24, 1844.

                        Invitation to “Indian Gallery, in the Wig-Wam on Pennsylvania Avenue” on April 25 and 26 from George Catlin.

Item 21.          Letter to Pratt from daughter Julia P. Ingersoll, April 18, 1854, Washngton.

                        Letter to Pratt from Julia, Albany Female Academy, Dec. 12, 184x (illegible)

Item 22.          Letter to Pratt from Julia P. Ingersoll, Jan. 6, 1854, Washington.

                        Letter to Pratt from Julia, March 23, 1857, New Haven.

Item 23.          Invitation to attend opening celebration, dated Aug. 20, 1850 of the Delaware Plank Road on Aug. 28, in Walton, signed H.E. Bartlett.

Item 24.          Letter to Pratt from Hiram Schermerhorn, 1848.

                        Letter to Pratt from L.D. Schermerhorn, Lexington, Sept. 23, 1840.

Item 25.          Letter to Pratt from Mary Pratt, March 11, 1857, Prattsville.

Item 26.          Notice of a meeting of the Dickerman Family in Westville, CT on “the Second Tuesday of September next, at nine o’clock in the forenoon”. Undated.

Item 27.          Preface to a presentation of “the public Life, Character and Opinions of Zadock Pratt”.

                        Washington Sentinel, June 22, 1854: Pratt “commenced life as a blackberry picker”.

                        The New York Sun, Dec. 2, 1854: The Wealth and Biography of the Wealthy Citizens of New York – Zadock Pratt, $250,000.

                        Daily Sentinel & Advertiser, Jersey City, June 15, 1853: Pratt bio, two copies.

Item 28.          Bond document between Pratt and ? (illegible), March 5, 1829.

Item 29.          Ink on tissue sketch of Pratt on Prince, 1856, age 36 years.

                        Bloomsville Mirror, Oct. 6, 1857: “old Prince”, favorite horse f Pratt, dies on Sept. 13.

                        The Prattsville Advocate, Sept. 14, 1854: Description of Old Prince.

                        Daily Evening Traveller, Feb. 6: Old Prince died, “He never felt the stroke of a whip”.

                        The Windham Journal, Oct. 1, 1857: Death of Old Prince on Sept. 13, found dead in pasture near stable.

Item 30.          Lawsuit – Pratt plaintiff, F. Janus Fitch, Nelson Finch, Oscar Humphrey, et al defendants on May 10, Catskill, Greene Cty. Circuit Court.

Item 31.          Letter to Pratt, Nov. 20, 1844 regarding pardons for Adams and Goodrich, signed by Wm. C. Bouck.

Item 32.          Agricultural Society memberships: LA Feb. 5, 1837, Feb. 10, 1847; CA, Jan. 19, 1860; Greene Cty., Nov. 30, 1845; Worcester, MA, Oct. 5, 1846; Housatonic, MA, July 18, 1855; American Agricultural Association, April 24. Appointed judge of leather goods for NJ State Agricultural Society, July 17, 1855, to meet at 10, Sept. 19.

Item 33.          Letter to Pratt from P.H. Meacham, Albany, July 3, 1823: apology for late delivery of flag.

Item 34.          The Windham Journal, July 28, 1859: Col. Pratt’s trip to Europe May-July 1859.

                        The Journal, Kingston, Feb. 23, 1859: Col. Pratt on Cuba.

                        The Evening Post, July 15: Steamer “Canada” in collision with iceberg, no injuries.

                        She and Leather Reporter, New York, Boston and Philadelphia, undated: European tour of Hon. Zadock Pratt.

Item 35.          Hotel arrivals, St. Nicholas Hotel, include Pratt, undated.

                        New York Herald, undated: Pratt at St. Nicholas Hotel.

                        July 29, 1869: Pratt at St. Nicholas Hotel.

                        Arrivals in the city include Pratt, undated.

                        Pratt arrives at the Oriental Hotel, “happy to receive his numerous friends”.

                        The Dundee Record, Yates County, NY, April 6, 1853: Pratt returned from Cuba.

                        The Journal of Commerce, New York, March 1, 1858: Pratt arrived from Aspinwall.

Item 36.          Republican & Sentinel, July 1, 1864: Pratt arrived at U.S. Hotel.

                        July 28, 1864: Pratt arrives at U.S. Hotel.

                        Marc 16, 1860: Pratt returned from California to New York.

                        Aspinwall Courier, March 19, 1856: Z. Pratt arrived on the steamer “Philadelphia”.

                        The Daily Picayune, April 5: Pratt arrives at St. Charles Hotel.

                        Daily Alta of California, San Francisco, Feb. 1, 1860:  Pratt departs on the overland stage coach for St. Louis.

                        The Savannah Daily Georgian, March 2, 1853: Pratt arrives at the Pulaski Hotel, alerts officials to his forged signature recommending a tanning system.

                        San Francisco Daily Times, undated: Pratt arrives in Savannah, will “sojourn a few days with us”.

                        The Journal of Commerce, New York, March 28, 1856: Pratt arrives from Aspinwall on the steamship “Illinois”.

Item 37.          The Prattsville News, March 5, 1862: Pratt arrives at Nassau, New Providence on the brig “Lucy Darling” on Dec. 21 after a nine day passage, departs for New York on Dec. 21 (?) and arrived on the 26th.

                        New York Argus, Feb. 22, 1862: Pratt’s trip to Nassau.

                        The Windham Journal, Feb. 1865: Pratt’s trip to Nassau.

                        Journal of a Voyage by Hon. Zadock Pratt from New York to Nassau, Dec. 1861.

                        The Journal, Kingston, Dec. 11, 1861: Pratt visits the national Army in Washington.

                        Nassau Guardian, Dec. 25, 1861: Pratt on board “Lucy Darling” Dec. 20.

                        Nassau Guardian, Dec. 21: Pratt arrived.

                        Pratt at Royal Victoria Hotel, Jan 15, 1862.

                        Recorder and Democrat, Catskill, Feb. 20, 1862: Pratt returned from the Bermudas.

                        Shoe and leather Reporter, June 2, 1859: Pratt on the “Arago”, bound for Southampton.

                        Daily Alta of California, San Francisco, Jan. 29, 1861: Bio of Pratt.

                        The Weekly Star, undated: Pratt arrives at National Hotel.

                        The Prattsville News, Feb. 18, 1862: Pratt returned rom several months in the West Indies.

                        The New York Times, April 15, 1861: Pratt arrives in New York.

                        August 9, 1861: Pratt arrives at U.S. Hotel.

                        The Daily Bee, Sacramento, (unclear).11, 1860: Pratt arrives at St. George Hotel.

                        The Windham Journal, July 21, 1859: Pratt returned from Europe.

                        New York Herald, Jan. 27, 1862: Pratt arrives from Havana on steamship “Karnak”.

                        New York Herald, March 14, 1860: Pratt left New York last December for Aspinwall on the steamship “Baltic”.

                        The Prattsville News, April 24, 1860: Pratt returns to Prattsville after several months’ absence.

                        Bloomville Mirror, March 6, 1860: Pratt is in California.

Item 38.          Letter to Pratt from John Hanson, Cincinnati. Feb. 16, 1851.

Item 39.          Letter to Pratt from B. Tibbits (George Pratt’s in-laws), Sept. 15, 1856: The birth of a grandson.

Item 40.          Letter to Pratt from L. D. Hill, Cairo. March 6, 1834: Asking Pratt to run for Governor. P.S. Could you hire me as a bookkeeper?

Item 41.          Letter to Pratt from Hiram Schermerhorn, Lexington, Sept. 16, 1840: Requests $30. for damage to his barn from Pratt’s shooting. (with transcription)

Item 42.          Letter to Pratt from Gilbert Hathaway, New York, April 16, 1852: Thanks Pratt for the loan of his biography and offers flattery. (with transcription)

Item 43.          Broadside: “Who Shall Be The Next Governor?” Proposes Pratt, unsigned, undated.

Item 44.          Letter to Pratt from John Sharts, Albany, Nov. 28, 1848: Discusses race for Governor, divided condition of Democratic Party. (with transcription)

Item 45.          Recorder and Democrat, Catskill, Aug. 5, 1852: “Who shall be the next Governor” from the Ulster Republican.

                        Madison Observer, Aug. 17, 1852: “Who shall be the next Governor” from Ulster Republican.

                        Sentinel and Witness, Middletown, CT, Jan. 19, 1858: The next Governor.

                        Hon. Zadock Pratt, undated, unattributed.

                        Advocate, Aug. 5, 1852: “Who shall be the Governor?” abridged version.

                        Col. Pratt – Effusive praise, undated, unattributed.

                        Onondaga Democrat: Hon. Zadock Pratt, undated.

                        The Central New Yorker, Aug. 19, 1852: Gubernatorial candidates.

Item 46.          Certificate of Military Exemption for Zadoc(sic) Pratt for reason of age over 45, dated Oct. 15, 1854, Office of Jurors, No. 7, City Hall, New York.

Item 47.          Various clippings advertising talks at the Mechanic’s Institute.

                        Receipt for $20. Life membership for Pratt in the Mechanic’s Institute, July 20, 1849.

                        Letter to Pratt from E. Cromwell, Albany, Feb. 1, 1843.

                        Broadside: Mechanic’s institute lectures – 1853-4.

                        Five letters to Pratt from the mechanic’s Institute, June 12, 1850, Sept. 26, 1850, Oct. 4, 1850, June 27, 2855, July 10, 1855. One reply from Pratt, Aug. 15, 1855. All sewn together.

                        Mechanic’s Institute proclamation, May 25, 1851 resolving that Pratt, Hon. Horace Greeley, Hon. John H. Bowie be appointed delegates to attend the London Exhibition in May 1852.

                        Letter to Pratt from Mechanic’s Institute, Jan. 12, 1853.

                        Broadside advertising Mechanic’s Institute lecture at Clinton Hall, Astor Place on Dec. 14, 1855 by D.J.O. Noyes, “Eastern Europe and the War in the East”.

Item 48.          Letter from Pratt to Lyman Draper, Esq., 1854: Wisconsin Historical Society.

Item 49.          Lady’s ticket, Annual Ever-Ready Ball, Catskill Court-House, Feb. 22, 1858.

Item 50.          Letter to George Bancroft from Pratt, Jan. 4, 1853 thanking him for membership in the Geographical Society.

Item 51.          Receipt for wedding cakes to Mrs. Pratt for $404.63 from I.S. Parsons, 143 Chambers St., Oct. 22, 1853.

                        Calling card of Mr. and Mrs. Colin M. Ingersoll. 

Item 52.          Morning Express, New York, Oct. 28, 1853: Wedding announcement – Miss Julia H. Pratt and Hon. Colin M. Ingersoll. Two copies.

Item 53.          “A Rich Tanner”, undated – Pratt’s worth is $2,000,000.

                        Daily Iris of Niagara, June 20, 1854: Pratt’s legislative accomplishments.

                        The City Item, Philadelphia, Oct. 13, 1855: Pratt entertains guests in New York.

                        Democratic Republican, Schoharie, May 2, 1855: “Men Who Act” – Col. Pratt.

Item 54.          Proposed Mission to Japan and Corea (sic)”, Feb. 15, 1845. 28th Congress, bill submitted by Pratt to extend commerce.

Item 55.          The Democratic Freeman, Hudson, Dec. 28, 1852: Japan expedition initiated by Pratt.

                        The American, Poughkeepsie, Dec.30, 1852: Japan expedition – same text as above.

                        Morning Star, New York, June 27, 1852: Mission to Japan.

Item 56.          Our Times: A Monthly Review of Politics, Literature & c., New York, Oct. 1852. Vol. 1 No. 2: Pratt and Japan, 16 pp. w/ engraved portrait.

                        South America and Her Commerce, undated, unattributed. Mentions Pratt and Japanese commerce.

Item 57.          Washington City, June 23, 1854: The Opening of Japan – Hon. Z. Pratt.

                        The Southern Argus, June 26, 1854: The Opening of Japan – same text as above.

                        Albany Evening Atlas, June 14, 1854: The Opening of Japan.

                        Albany Argus, June 15, 1854: The Opening of Japan.

                        Recorder and Democrat, Catskill, June 29, 1854: Treaty with Japan.

Item 58.          Broadside: Horse and cattle Exhibition, Providence, RI, Sept. 11, 1855.

                        Letter to Pratt from Board of Management, Third National Exhibition of Imported Blood and American Breeds of Horses, Springfield, MA, July 20, 1838.

Item 59.          Office of RI Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Industry, Providence, RI – Complimentary ticket for horse and cattle exhibition, request to judge horses, both dated Aug. 22, 1855.

                        Letter from Pratt declining the honor.

Item 60.          Letter to Pratt requesting he assume Presidency of the American Union for Inventors and Exhibitors, New York, Jan. 31, 1859.

                        Letter to Pratt from N.S. Tisdale(?), Feb. 1, 1859 inviting Pratt to be President of the American Union of Inventors and Exhibitors.

                        Letter to Pratt from committee appointed by the American Union for Inventors, Mechanics & c., January 31, 1859.   

Item 61.          Invitation to Annual Military Ball at the Hotel of Lucas van Valkenburg in Lexington, Oct. 22, 1856. Music by Pratt Band.

                        Lady’s ticket t same.

Item 62.          Invitation to Ball and Supper to meet Capt. Hudson and Officers of the Niagara, Great Barrington, MA, Sept. 16. 1858.

                        Notice of the First Annual Ball, Schuyler Association, Jan. 7, 1853 w/ complimentary ticket.

                        Letter to Pratt notifying him of his election as President of the Sackets Harbor & Saratoga Railroad, signed Samuel Ellis, Secretary, Oct. 13, 1853.

Item 63.          Invitation to the “Pierce and King Ball” at Rogers’ Columbia House, Hudson, Jan. 7, 1853.

Item 64.          Various tickets, invitations, receipts, calling cards, notes of appreciation.

Item 65.          Letter from Pratt declining invitation “as he has not been I the habit of associating with that class who would make Blacks their equals”, dated Dec. 27, 1860.

Item 66.          Letter to Pratt from Ely Wight, Dec. 9, 1825 following up on their previous conversation about being hired, expressing his desire to come to him soon,

Item 67.          Atlas & Argus, April 18, 1859: Death of Benjamin Tibbits, born April 14, 1798. Father–in-law of George Pratt.

Item 68.          Various receipts and invitations.

                        “Received of Hon. Z. Pratt in full of view o Delaware Co. map, Prattsville,” April 14, 1856, Jay Gould.

                        Received from Pratt $28.00 “for one Month Wages”, Charles Treadwell, May 2, 1850.

                        Col. Pratt to William Howland “to cut of the grounds of Prattsville #7”, May 24,1849.

                        St. John, Raymond & Co., Drapers & Tailors, 311 Broadway, New York – $174.25 for various coats, pants, vests, drawers, Jan. 1854.

                        Pratt to Charles S. Carhead(?) $130.00 for carriage and harness.

                        Pratt to P.K. Salisbury $14.35, Oct. 16.1848 – Feb. 4, 1857.

                        Pratt donation $10. To Windham Presbyterian Society, Nov. 10,1848.

                        Invitation to Convention of the  Democracy of New Hampshire, Concord, July 31, 1852.

                        Pratt to J. Beck & Co., 355, 786-8 Broadway, New York $512.94 for dresses, gloves, fabrics, July 24, 1853.

                        Two receipts from Pratt to Penfield, Day & Co., Catskill, May 16, 1854, Sept. 14 and Sept. 14, 1855.

                        Pratt to Rogers & Co. for freight $9.00, Jan. 25, 1844.

                        Pratt to Tiffany & Co., $1271.00, Aug. 15, 1855.

                        Pratt to Mr. Banke $50.00, Jan. 21, 1841.

                        Pratt to J.M. White & Underhill, Draper and Tailors, 118 William St, New York $100.00, Aug. 5, 1851.

                        Pratt to Pulaski House $99.15, March 15, 1853.

                        Sample pamphlet, Albany, Sept. 1, 1848.

Item 69.          Pratt to A, Bininger & Co., 92-94 Liberty S., New York $158.39 for wine, scotch, champagne.

                        Letter to Pratt from S.S. Coleman, National Hotel, Washington. “I respectfully solicit your patronage”., Nov. 13, 1844.

                        A.McGoldrick, Horse Shoer, 120 Church St., New York $12.00, Dec. 1853.

                        D.D. Howard & Co. July 5, 1859.

                        St. John, Raymond & Co., $44.50 for coats, pants, collars, July 5, 1859.

                        St. Nicholas Hotel, New York $64.50, July 8, 1859.

                        Church of the Ascension $54. for rent of Pew No. 7 from Nov. 1 – May 1, 1844.

                        Tontine, New Haven $9., July 2, 1853.

                        New York Hotel, 721 Broadway $348.62, April 15, 1850.

                        The Magnetic Telegraph Co., Morse Line, March 8, 1854. Telegram re: Sale of carriage for $700. Hire one for $45./month.

                        National Hotel, Washington $8.25, Feb. 14, 1850.

                        Ball, Black & Co. $254.00 – Silver tureen and bloodstone coat of arms, April 14, 1858.

                        Brooks Brothers, South Union Square $28.00, April 12, 1870.

                        Morse’s American Telegraph. Telegram re: Policies sent by mail, signed H. Sanford, June 8, 1855.

                        G.N. McCoullough $350.00 for horse, Oct. 29, 1856.

Item 70.          New York Herald, Jan. 21, 1859: Obit of William H. Prescott.

Item 71.          Journal of Commerce, Feb. 9, 1861: Obit of Dr. John W. Francis.

Item 72.          The Weekly Visitor, Athens, NY, undated: Obit of Nelly R, Garrison, aged 37, wife of manager of Pratt’s Gouldsboro, PA tannery.

Item 73.          Obit of Asa Lord, died Feb. 10 in Jewett aged 81, undated. Drummer in War of 1812 and in militias until age 60. Relation to Pratt unclear – military acquaintance?

                        New York Dispatch, Aug. 16, 1868: Description of Abigail Pratt’s grave in Prattsville, shaded by a hemlock planted by Pratt.

                        The Mountain Sentinel, Aug. 24, 1868: reprint of article above.

                        The Mountain Sentinel, Sept. 7, 7, 1868: Obit of Mary Pratt, died July 17, 1868 at 58 in Paradise, Saratoga County, NY.

                        Obit of Mrs. Huldah Lacey, Aug. 25 I Durham, aged 84, undated.

Item 74.          The Windham Journal, Aug. 12, 1858: Obit of Julia Grace Ingersoll. Aged two, daughter of Julia and Colin Ingersoll, on Aug. 7.

Item 75.          Obit of Zadock Pratt, Sr., aged 74, on Jan. 27, 1832 at Lexington, NY.

Item 76.          Obit of Michael Grennell, born March 20 (old style), 1752 in Saybrook, CT. Died Feb. 13, 1858, aged 106. (105?)

Item 77.          Obit of Polly Pratt Beach on June 22, 1863, aged 66. Married almost 50 years to Nathaniel Beach. Sister of Pratt.

Item 78.          Greene County Whig, Catskill, April 25, 1857: “The Late Judge Watson”. Appointed District Attorney in 1831, Surrogate of Greene Cty.  In 1840, NY Supreme Court in 1847.

                        Greene County Whig, Aril 4, 1857: Judge Malbone Watson died on April 1 on New Orleans.

                        Recorder and Democrat, Catskill, April 16, 1857: Judge Malbone Watson’s remains arrived in Catskill by way of St. Louis, thence to Albany on April 14. Funeral took place April 15th, ne of the largest ever witnessed in Catskill.

                        Recorder and Democrat, April 23, 1857: “Death of Judge Watson”.

Item 79.          The Journal of Commerce, Nov. 1: Presidential election results 1796-1840.

                        Terms of first five Presidents, undated.

Item 80.          A Proclamation by Mr. van Buren, 1837, requiring Senators and Representatives to convene in Washington the first Monday in September.

                        President Martin van Buren, leaving Washington, converses with a farmer, undated.

Item 81.          Services of General Winfield Scott, 1829.

Item 82.          Signed engraved portrait of General Winfield Scott.

Item 83.          The Windham Journal, July 4, 1861: Hunter, NY Soldier’s Aid Society.

Item 84.          Honorary membership certificate, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, March 9, 1854.

Item 85.          Letter to Pratt fro A. Reese(?), Dec. 10, 1823, conferring honorary membership in the Lexington, NY Debating Society. (with transcription)

Item 86.          Letter to Pratt from W. Douville Doby(?) conferring honorary membership in the nu Pi Kappa Society of Kenyon College, Grambier, OH, Dec. 19. 1859.

                        Letter from Pratt to W.D. Doby, Aug. 21, 1860 expressing appreciation for the honor, apologizing for delayed response due to absence.

                        Letter to Pratt from Martin Hohnes(?), Sept. 9, 1852 extending invitation to Pratt to address Yates County Agricultural Society.

                        Letter to Pratt from R. Gildersleeve inviting Pratt to address Yates County Agricultural Society at the annual fair in Dundee on Oct. 13 and 14, 1852.

Item 87.          Letter to Pratt from John F. Frazer, July 6, 1845: Pratt elected as a corresponding member of the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania.

                        Letter from Pratt to Frazer, July 7, 1845, thanking him for the “high honor”.

Item 88.          Letter to Pratt from G. Botchford, Secretary of the Ashland Collegiate Institute, Jan. 18, 1859: Pratt elected honorary member of Delta Phi Literary Society.

                        Pratt reply, Jan. 22, 1859: Sincere thanks expressed.

Item 89.          Letters between Pratt and officers of the Mechanics Institute, 1849-1860.  Pratt served as President.

Item 90.          Newspaper clippings related to the Mechanics Institute, 1852-1860.

Item 91.          Circular from Thomas Ewbank, U.S. Patent Office, Nov. 1849 to Governors of the States and Territories advising their constituents to file patents. Addressed to Pratt as President of the Mechanics Institute.

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