Community Collaboration

As a creative endeavor that combines contemporary artistic practice with historical research, the Prattsville Clews Project online exhibition is a collaboration between Prattsville Art Center and the Zadock Pratt Museum. This project brings together the missions of Prattsville’s historical foundation and its creative community center to examine overlooked trajectories between the past, present, and future, and to celebrate this unique area of the Catskill region. In Part I of this two-part presentation, the Zadock Pratt Museum hosts a digital exhibition of the graphite drawings, the text of the “clews” that inspired the drawings, and the family trees that became artworks as their branches were jointly filled in by current family members with names and stories. In Part II of this two-part presentation, the Prattsville Art Center will host on its website the Clew Registry wherein visitors are invited to contribute a biographical detail that may subtly shift how future researchers will understand them. Through the online form, registrants are invited to submit a fact, memory, habit, characteristic that we could not know from internet research, that is not part of the public record, and that would otherwise be lost to time. A Clew can be as simple as “I like to chew ice” or “I rub my feet together when I’m sleepy,” or as complex as an intimate childhood memory or reoccurring dream. Newly registered Clews will be added to the website over the course of the digital exhibition.

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