2021 Raising The Bar Scholarship

A collaboration with local business to forward the educational goals of our youth citizens

The Gilboa Conesville Central School graduating class of 2021 is cordially invited to apply for the Zadock Pratt Museum Raising the Bar Scholarship of $1500.00.

The mission of the museum is to further the wellbeing of the area by preserving its history and investing in its future. One of the best ways that we can invest on our community is by investing in the education of our youth.

This scholarship is open to all students that are moving forward to next level education – whether that be university or trade school.

To download a copy of the application, please CLICK HERE.

Completed applications, transcripts and essays can be emailed to zpmscholarship@gmail.com. Applications must be submitted no later than April 23rd.

This scholarship was made possible by a donation from WTS & Company in Prattsville, NY. The “Raising the Bar” scholarship was last given in 2019 to a student at Massapequa High School, in Massapequa, NY, where they were previously located.

If you are interested in increasing the award with a donation of your own, or sponsoring a separate matching award, please reach out to the museum at zpmscholarship@gmail.com.

The museum invites any person or business to sponsor a scholarship. Please contact us for more details on how to invest in the future of your community!

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