Pratt Rock Park Restoration Project

In Progress!

Click HERE to listen to Prattsville Supervisor Greg Cross discuss the Pratt Rock Restoration efforts on WRIP!

Built between 1842 – 1862, Pratt Rock was originally designed to memorialize Pratt’s life. Known locally as the “Mount Rushmore of the East”, the carvings on the Rock depict Zadock Pratt, his son George, a horse, a hemlock tree, the tannery, the Pratt coat of arms, a wreath with the names of two of Pratt’s children, and an arm raising a hammer. The park was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992.

The years, as they have a habit of doing, took a toll on the park, and many of its carvings are at risk of being lost to the natural shifts and movements of the land, and constant weathering. If we, as a community, value the legacy of Zadock Pratt, then we must do what we can to preserve this awe-inspiring place right in our backyard.

The Museum is working closely with the Town of Prattsville and Michael van Valkenburgh Associates on this important restoration project. In 2020, we raised $70,000 to complete Phase I, cleaning and restoration of the historic rock sculptures. We are looking forward to successful fundraising in 2021 to continue into Phase 2!

You can help by donating to the Pratt Rock Restoration Efforts Fund, a segregated fund dedicated solely to restoration efforts to help return the park to its prime. All donations are tax deductible.

The Pratt Museum Coloring Book is now available!

The Zadock Pratt Museum Coloring Book – A Collection of Twenty-Six Catskill Historical Quilting Designs, has just been released through the museum’s publishing arm, The Abigail & Mary Press.

The Prattsville Clews Study & Exhibit


The Zadock Pratt Museum in collaboration with Prattsville Art Center presents Prattsville Clews – A Case Study by Clover Archer, an online exhibition exploring micro or granular histories – small ordinary moments in everyday lives that fill in the vast amount of time around lifetime milestones or what is more generally considered “important.”


Capital Improvements Campaign – Update

In 2019 the Museum successfully secured funds to paint the exterior of the building and restore the two historic porches as well as paint the Carriage House. We also secured funding to complete a Cultural Landscape Report of the herb garden. It is hoped that by studying the herb garden area as well as the museum’s archives we can lay the groundwork for restoring this important interpretive feature of the Zadock Pratt Museum site.

We’ve raised $133,960 to date thanks to generous support from the Nicholas J. Juried Family Foundation, A. Lindsay & Olive B. O’Connor Foundation and Preservation League of New York State.

Next, we will begin Phase II of our capital improvement plan. We hope to create a permanent exhibit focused on Zadock Pratt: The Man, The Town & The Nation on the Museum’s second floor. While we don’t yet have exact figures for this campaign, we expect it to be in the range of $250,000.

Click here for more details about the project or to find out how to make a donation!

 Amos Hamlin II:  An American Portraitist

Coming May 2022

This exhibit will bring together the work of Amos Hamlin II,  a 19th century itinerant portrait painter who lived and worked primarily in Greene and Schoharie counties.

Each of his paintings has a story to tell, offering a glimpse into the early history of the northern Catskills and the fledging American republic. Paintings from both public and private collections showcase his significant contribution to early American portraiture.

This exhibit will be presented in partnership with The Old Stone Fort, The Greene County Historical Society, the Wisconsin Historical Society, the New York State Museum and several private owners.

Visit our friends at the Gilboa Museum & Juried History Center!

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